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Our Event Management Company Help you to Grow Faster

Maverick Activations Pvt. Ltd. is one of the Best Event Management company in India. We take your brands to the next level.

“Maverick,” an up-and-coming Event management company, and was formed to offer a wide range of unique event services. Maverick has managed, organized, and coordinated over 1000 events in the last 12 years. We are having a talented group that specializes in the planning, development, and execution of ATL, BTL activities, exhibitions, and events.

We are an event management company based in different cities of India, headquartered in Raipur C.G. with a bench of accomplished team members and partners working nationwide, Maverick thrives to be the best event management company in Mumbai.

A scale providing a wide assortment of event management services that are cost-effective and impactful. Our Event Management Company works with our clients to plan their events in sync with the budgets assigned. Maverick wants to deliver a novel and distinctive approach to event planning by ensuring complete transparency. We are putting it into practice at every stage.

Maverick has organized 1000+ events for various ministries as well as reputable corporate clients in the last 12 years. Ranging from cutting-edge Corporate event planning to exposition stall design, Government events, sports events, conferences, workshops, award dinners, conclaves, and many more.

Our unparallel event planners in the company know how to plan, promote and run an event that will exceed the client’s goal.

Our Event Management Company has worked with some of the most prestigious events and exhibition organizing firms, sports management firms, etc. We are extremely passionate about our job because we have such a diversified and brilliant team.


We wish to be known as a solution provider that achieves long-term growth in order to change the dynamics of the industry. Nurture a devoted, creative, and dynamic workforce in order to build a local industry standard!!


To learn from every event that we become a part of. To take ownership of a client’s campaign which will surely result in giving us repetitive business & hence increase our profitability. Get into that bracket of top-of-the-mind recall where we become synonyms to customer delight.

Director's Note

Our Event Management Company Always thinks from the perspective of your clients, and you’ll never fail to meet your goals. It has been a great journey for us to continue with this goal and enthusiasm since we began in 2009.

Needless to say, corporations have shown faith in our abilities, which is why we have flourished the last decade. As you correctly stated, the communication method has seen several modifications over time.

We have welcomed this change by adapting it in the most professional way. Be it an event of any magnitude, our zeal to work with the same passion has brought us a lot of accolades.

– Aasif Iqbal Usmani
Event organizer in Mumbai

Why Maverick

From the initial client pitch through the event’s conclusion, Our Event Management Company operate with the same fervor, passion, and willingness to learn new things. This is what gives us an advantage over the competitors.

We’ve been doing this for about a decade and have learned from each event.Our team is well-prepared for any situation and has always worked with the sole purpose of achieving positive outcomes.

Maverick took a solution-oriented approach. Every member of the team understands that there is always a solution to a problem. Our Event management company look for viable solutions rather than focusing on problems.

This mantra has paid off handsomely for us. We’ve always aimed for long-term client relationships, which we’ve been able to achieve thanks to our high-quality work.

  • We execute all projects, big and small with the same, level of expertise, dedication, and passion
  • We know how to plan, promote and run online/offline campaign
  • looked out for long term associations with our client’s
  • We are located in multiple cities in India
  • We follow a solution-centric approach
  •  End to end services to our clients from ideation to execution
  •  We value decisiveness like indecision, encourage creative solutions, and talk about solutions rather than problems.
  • We believe that incredible performance leads to extraordinary results
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