Maverick activation is a leading Corporate Event Management Company in Mumbai. Whether you’re celebrating a corporate milestone or just want to honor and recognize your employees’ accomplishments, our corporate management company provides professional party planning solutions that engage, fully form, and fascinate audiences.

Our main focus was a corporate event management company, which led to us being one of the best Corporate Event Management Company in Mumbai, India. Our Corporate event planners in Mumbai have extensive experience arranging and executing a wide range of events. We approach each project with thorough attention, treating your event as if it were a company with well-defined goals.

We’ll keep striving to be creative. We’ll keep working to get better. And we will continue to strive to provide unforgettable experiences. We wanted to be the top corporate management company starting from Mumbai. Our advantage was careful attention to detail and detailed preparation. Clients commended us on our presence of mind and in-the-moment thinking that helped tailor our services on the go.

We provide all these Types of Corporate Events

  • Meetings
  • Corporate hospitality
  • Product launches
  • Employee training
  • Board retreat
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Focus groups
  • Sales meetings
  • Award ceremony
  • Trade shows
  • Team-building or leadership retreats


1. Make a list of your goals and objectives:

Determine the theme of your business event as well as the goal of the event. Our corporate management company has a solid aim that can help you run things successfully, whether it’s a team picnic, a team meeting, or anything else.
The individuals who will be attending should be the major emphasis, so keep their desires and expectations in mind. Be a list of what your visitors would anticipate from your event and make sure to incorporate them.

2. Determine the Event’s Budget:

After you’ve decided the purpose of your event, it’s time to work out your budget.
Consider all of the possible costs connected with the event before deciding on a budget. Set financial constraints to prevent yourself from overpaying. Reduce your expenses as much as possible and negotiate to price whenever feasible. This can help you save a lot of money while allocating resources.

3. Create a Guest List :

Pre-event audience identification will assist you in selecting the necessary equipment and services. Create a one-of-a-kind, inventive cards that look fantastic and send them to your attendees. Send invites one or two weeks before the event if your goal is to attract or excite clients.

4. Select a Location:

The goal is to pick a location that will make the occasion unforgettable. While you’re doing this, keep your budget in mind. Choose a location that will appeal to your target audience as well as your staff. Furthermore, your location should have a theme that represents the event’s goal.

5. Invest time in marketing:

Leverage social media to advertise your event, and use channels like content production and email marketing to keep guests interested until the big day. You may also engage corporate event planners to assist you in promoting your event and managing the event. Events with well-coordinated marketing strategies will always be distinct and appealing.

6. Make all necessary arrangements:

To ensure that everything is in order, keep track of your event’s budget, objectives, venue, and other important data. You’ll also need to keep track of all of the costs incurred throughout the event. One of the most crucial parts of planning a business event is to consider this.

7. Gather and Share Ideas:

The corporate management company is an ideal setting for gathering and sharing innovative ideas.
Find strategies to collect suggestions from your guests throughout the event in order to improve your organization or goods. During the event, some of your workers can perform a survey or interview participants to find out what they think. This will make it easier for you to incorporate creative ideas into future blog articles or other material.

8. Encouraging Participation:

Encourage your visitors to join and calm by encouraging them to have a good time. Your corporate event will be a success if your attendees are happy.
If the event is a product launch, make sure that everyone in attendance has a chance to try out the new product. Make sure that every employee participates in the activities if the event is a team event, such as a picnic. You must host a unique and interesting event to ensure that everyone is involved. If it’s an internal company function, you should also take time to thank your staff.

9. Networking and Making Connections:

Have a designated individual welcome each and every visitor at the door. A business event / corporate event is an excellent opportunity to network and meet new clients.
Make an attempt to get to know both your employees and your visitors. As a result, new chances for partnerships and connections will arise. Also, make sure that your guests have a wonderful time, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

10. Post-Event Follow-Up:

After a successful business event/ corporate event, the best way to wrap it up is to do a follow-up. Thank everyone who attended your event by sending emails. Use pre-written material and emails if you’re short on time. Post-event emails are also an effective method to promote new items and services. Make social media relationships to improve your company’s reputation and attract new customers. Conduct polls among your participants to get feedback on the event. This will assist you in throwing a better event in the future.

Following all of the procedures outlined, including the follow-up procedure, will assist you in planning a successful corporate event. So, take advantage of our corporate event planning advice and design a successful business event.

Client satisfaction is the most essential element of our success as one of the Top Corporate Event Management Companies in Mumbai. Unlike many other CORPORATE EVENT PLANNERS in Mumbai, Maverick event management company specializes in large-scale events, Maverick manages both small and large-scale events equally well. Maverick is directly involved with all elements of the event, from strategizing the way forward in line with the client’s needs to the actual implementation of the event and the final wrap-up.

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