Maverick Activations Pvt Ltd is an event management and marketing company that is the best event management company in India. The company offers A to Z event planning services from a team of experienced and energetic event planners, suppliers, venues, and all the necessary equipment along with the manpower.

The Event Planning team comprises a group of professionals having expertise in conducting Corporate events with a focus on Branding and marketing. With a team that is highly experienced in conducting live shows and concerts, Maverick Activations Pvt Ltd is an end-to-end event, marketing, and branding agency in India.

A dedicated creative team, event logistics team, and branding professionals come together to make Maverick the best events and brand activation agency in India.

Maverick Activations Pvt Ltd is a full-services event & brand management company founded in 2009 with Raipur as Head office. But now, has expanded in 6 more locations across India, with branches in Noida, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Nagpur.

Maverick events can service through the length and the breadth of the nation. Our team in respective regions understands how to curate an event relevant to your region. Maverick knows when included in company’s marketing plan, a well-executed event can be used to promote the organization’s goals.

Events can be used to build networks, client loyalty, and also to generate leads. Maverick Activations brings passion to the Events and marketing arena with a fresh and unique approach.

Maverick Activations approaches every project with diligent attention to detail and obsessive precision. The size and scope of the project don’t matter, & we treat your event like a business with a comprehensive plan, defined milestones and clear strategic goals. we ensure that your event is delivered on time and within the budget of the client.

In Maverick Activations, we put your organization first, learn about your business and its challenges and then plan events to support your goals.

Maverick events and activations have been in this industry for over 10 years, our experienced executives know how to plan, promote and run the event that will attain your goals, focusing on a higher level of customer service that’ll make your event planning successful, stress-free and result oriented with desired results.

We bring creativity and experience together which results in an impressive corporate event which is our specialty. Maverick Activations take pride in making your job as easy as possible.

We have been managing all types of events of all types of industry for more than ten years from office parties to large gala dinners and small office conferences with top-notch quality and creativity which results in an awesome growth of those companies’ relations and their projects.

Why Maverick Activations?

  • Maverick Activations helps you to save yourself from the headache and stress of planning the event.
  • Gives a new refreshing boost to a repeat event.
  • Helps you to Seamlessly manage the most underestimated, challenging logistical nature of an event.
  • Only aim to provide a top-class event within the budget of the client.
  • Gives opportunity to our clients to be guests at their own events.
  • Make sure to engage the attendees with creative ideas and concepts.

Maverick Activations is best at managing Corporate Events, Government Events, Road Shows, Product Launch, Award ceremonies, fashion shows, Live events, Mall Activations, Celebrity Night/ Artist management, School events, college events, Wedding Management, Corporate Stall designing, exhibition stall fabrication, Branding support, International Associations for sports, Promotion & media tie-ups, Security services, Manpower Solutions, Staff support & Ground Branding. We have curated hundreds of successful events for brands to take them to the next level

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