Wedding planners are not only skillful in setting up wedding events. Apparently, they are also keen on looking for signs of whether they are planning that will last or not.

Let us look for Red flags for your wedding.

  • THE COUPLES DOESN’T COMMUNICATE WELL All problem arises when we don’t communicate well, communication is the root of misunderstandings. A couple may not pay attention to wedding details, but when ideas, changes & updates aren’t communicated properly. If only one party will have it their way of wedding and doesn’t refuse to compromise, it may be not good for the long run. It may arise problems in the future.
  • EXCESSIVE DRINKING EVEN BEFORE THE CEREMONY STARTS of course, you should have a good time, good memories at your wedding. It is okay to sip wine to control your nervousness, but drinking too much even before the ceremony starts is not a good sign & it might not end up working out.
  • THE COUPLE DOESN’T RESPECT EACH OTHER – “One biggest red flag is when they don’t respect each other” when they have no respect for each other or when they don’t agree with each other opinion or in any conversation they start insulting each other. Some people take this to the extreme, like one where a groom explicitly ignored his bride the entire night long to chain smoke outside with behavior that shows a lack of respect and consideration for their life partner.
  • THE COUPLE JUST LOOK UNHAPPY– With all the efforts & stress that goes on planning a big wedding, if the couple doesn’t look happy on their big day or not showing any romantic gestures, not smiling or not showing any sign of love it might act as a red flag for their wedding.
  • DON’T LET ANYONE RUIN YOUR SPECIAL DAY– another example your wedding can come to an end. Never involve any third person in your relationship. Make a list of restricted guests & never ever allows a past lover to make a scene or never allow any relative to do the same on your big day.
  • NEVER MAKE YOUR PARTNER EMBARRASS INFRONT OF PUBLIC- Weddings are supposed to be coupled perfect moment, But when your partner embarrasses you publicly, then expect to get the same treatment for the rest of your life.

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