Brand activation must be something that is taken up by the entire company, not just the marketing department. The key is to involve real people who are associated with your brand. This can be as simple as a social media campaign or as complex as an online marketing campaign. Regardless of which method of brand activation you choose, it is important that you are involved in creating and promoting a brand and the real people that it represents.

“Before you start developing your brand activation strategy, you need to coordinate with your internal stakeholders and engage your employees to get them behind you. Make sure you do it in a way that includes social media where people can post about their experiences to promote the brand.”

Why Brand Activation?

Carrying your brand message out into the world is crucial, not to mention that a brand activation campaign is a must. That means it’s an important part of making sure the brand grows and not just keeps a certain state. Regular creation of experience-oriented brand activations and events that reach the right audience can ensure that your brands remain in the awareness of their target group and gain a clear lead over the competition. Brand activation will not only bring your branding to life, but also redefine how your existing target group perceives you and how it perceives you.

With the right approach, brand activation can be remarkably effective – 98% of people feel more called to buy a brand’s product after activation than at the source. Brand activation techniques allow you to build loyal relationships with consumers, and any business can benefit from this. Simply put, an efficient brand activation process requires customers to be part of your brand image, builds trusting relationships, encourages customers to learn more about and embrace your brands, and commits them to be part of their image. Whether your brand is releasing a new line that might need an extra hype or a little TLC to get more recognition, or if you’re just starting your business, a brand activation campaign is a great way to get the ball rolling. If your company is planning to launch new products, perhaps seeking more recognition, it needs an “additional hype,” or You have only just started and you are just starting to do it. Brand activations can help with all these and many other things, such as marketing campaigns, social media campaigns and even advertising campaigns.

“When you think about different brand activation campaigns, they can also serve to improve the overall picture of your brand strategy. No matter what kind of brand you are, you can create a brand activation campaign with the help of Maverick Activation’s brand activation services.”

Brand Activations Services by Maverick Activations

  • Mall Promotions
  • Conference & Seminars
  • Road Shows
  • ATL & BTL Activities
  • City Brandings
  • Media Ads

“Most brand activations are interactive, meaning consumers can get in direct contact with your brand and products. This includes brand activation, where customers can touch, feel and interact with the brand. “

How it works?

Brand activations not only convey your company’s message to the world, they create an experience so unique and powerful that consumers talk about being forced to tell others. Brand activation is about presenting your brand and establishing an emotional connection with future buyers. It gives your audience an “experience” of the brand that they can take with them, and it creates a sense of who you are as a consumer. Such brand activation techniques involve involving potential buyers in your marketing activities, and this gives you a lot of edge over your competitors.

Some easy-to-understand Definitions of Brand Activations:

  • Brand activation refers to campaigns, events and interactions in which brands create awareness and build lasting connections with target groups.
  • Brand activation is a campaign, event or experience that enables brands to connect directly with consumers and build a loyal brand community around a product or service.
  • Brand activation is the process in which brands create awareness, engage with their target group and build lasting relationships with the target group.
  • Brand activations are processes by which the brand creates awareness or establishes a lasting connection with a target group of consumers.

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