Covid19 affecting Events Industry – The global pandemic of coronavirus has permanently changed the event industry and economic conditions of the country. Let us discuss how is Covid19 affecting Events Industry.

All the events, public gatherings, conferences tradeshows and exhibition were cancelled or postponed with no real confidence any future date in 2020.

1) Futuristic Planning – Contingency Planning Should be the top list of must-do for event Managers, From 2021 onwards all major events will be seen with a keen eye to a potential disaster scenario. We should be ready for every scenario afterall in a year where Olympics got cancelled Football and IPL match got cancelled, it’s pretty much difficult to predict the future event scenario.

2) Events are becoming 100% Virtual – Many meetings and Conferences have undergone a virtual makeover even wedding is happening Virtually. In the past few weeks as the event industry is focusing on the services provided by them.

Event planners are using cloud-hosted -live – streaming solutions tailored for each event. As Conference, events meetings are happening Virtually with a wider attended. The cost attached to traditional events such as Venue, Transportation, Catering staff, services etc is cost-effective.

3) Health and Safety – Post Covid-19 every event company has to take extra precautions, extra safety measures. As this virus will last more than we imagined, events have to be 100% safe. There should be a sanitization zone corner and adequate safety mask and health and safety checklist, the services should be hygiene and staff cleanliness is the utmost important factor.

4) Effects on Supply and Demand – With so many small businesses and freelancers working in the event industry even with govt support many of them will not survive it is difficult to predict how the market will react when the lockdown is lifted and as the organisers try to cram the postponed events to the next busy season there will be a shortage of well-skilled freelancers as they may have taken jobs elsewhere to protect their income also some venue may be pre-booked or sold out fully. So organisers need to plan and execute the events according.

Conclusion: After an extended period of isolation, there will certainly be an appetite for it…

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